Our Programs

At DSD, we are committed to creating great athletes.

When you train with our coaches and staff, you are setting yourself apart from the competition. You will become stronger, faster
and more explosive- guaranteed!

We are very selective about who we accept into our program, and only serious athletes need apply. If you are committed to doing the work, putting in the time and pushing yourself further physically than you ever thought possible, DSD just might be the place for you!

We offer programs for athletes at all levels:

  • Youth
  • JV
  • Varsity
  • Collegiate
  • Professional
  • Team Training


At DSD, we believe in the importance and power of strength for all athletes and every sport. You want to be faster? Get stronger. You want to jump higher? Get stronger. You want to be the best at your game? Get stronger! Strength is an essential component to being a great athlete. The most limiting factor we see in athletes is their lack of strength. So at DSD we focus on strength conditioning through real world, functional, game-time strength exercises. Our goal is to get you as strong as possible and for you to be able to use that strength when and where it counts. At DSD we produce physically and mentally strong athletes.


In order be the best, you have to train with the best. At DSD we’ve brought together some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches (link to about/coaches) in the nation. They have trained with some of the top athletes in the world and are dedicated to helping you exceed your fitness goals. Our coaches are experts in their field- not personal trainers. They will push you harder and further than you ever thought possible.


At DSD, we believe that who and what you surround yourself with will determine your
results. We have created an environment and atmosphere for the serious athlete to train
and get the results they are looking for. We have considered everything- from the gym
location to our coaches, the music and equipment. All have been chosen and designed with
the serious athlete in mind. DSD’s private membership was created to ensure that only
serious athletes would be training in our program. You will train with a group of athletes with your same level of dedication and determination to succeed and blow past the competition.

Are you a Serious Athlete?

Does DSD sound like a place for you? Do you want to become the best in your sport and
believe that you have the drive and commitment to see it through? Are you ready to become brutally strong, develop explosive power and build massive amounts of muscle? Are you prepared to jump higher, run faster, hit harder and dominate your competition? If so, DSD might be the place for you!


We are serious about what we do and serious about our athletes seeing results.
Membership is offered only to those athletes that are accepted into DSD. Once accepted
you will be offered a membership option. We do not believe in quick fixes for athletes.
Creating a dominate, great athlete is a process and can’t be done in a few sessions. So we
don’t offer single training sessions at DSD.

The first month at DSD is on a trial basis. During that month, we will evaluate you to see if
you have what it takes to become a DSD athlete. Only highly motivated and dedicated
athletes are accepted! We are looking for athletes who will add to the environment and will
be committed and dedicated to reaching their fitness goals.

If you are ready to become the best of the best and take your game to the next level,
contact us to schedule your DSD Membership interview.

Call or email us to schedule your DSD Membership interview.
If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.
(918) 409-2DSD (2373)
[email protected]

Membership Options

  • 1x per week (in season only)
  • 2x per week
  • 3x per week

As a member, you can train at DSD 5 times per week. Depending on your membership
package, you will train with a coach 1-3 times per week. When not training with a coach, our athletes come in on their own time and perform DSD STRONG workouts. DSD STRONG
workouts focus on addressing weaknesses, establishing self-motivation and extra
conditioning to separate our athletes from the competition.

Call or email us today to set up your DSD Membership interview. Take the next step in your
athletic career and give yourself a boost above the competition at DSD.

Call or email us to schedule your DSD Membership interview.
If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.
(918) 409-2DSD (2373)
[email protected]