If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will EMPOWER, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE your athletic team Coach JC is your man!

Christian Motivational Speaker | Tulsa Gyms

Coach JC customizes his message to connect with your athletes to get them excited to WIN mentally and take massive action to WIN. If you want your athletes to WIN so that they can perform at a higher level then Coach JC is your speaker.

Coach JC will show your athletic department, coaches, support staff, and athletes how to WIN by Creating The Winning Mindset and by giving them take away action steps to take it to THE NEXT LEVEL in their performance.  Coach JC is an event planners dream as he works with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for so that your audience will THANK YOU for bringing him in!

Working with Coach JC is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


The Secret To REAL Athlete Success – How To Create The Winning Mindset So That You Can WIN as an Athlete and WIN in Life

Christian Motivational Speaker | The Secret To Real Athlete Success











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Your Coaches and Athletes will learn…

  • How to WIN each and everyday mentally through discovering the 3 W’s to WIN.
  • The exact 5 key things you must do right now to be a CHAMPION
  • Why most athletes never achieve peak performance and what you can do immediately to control your future success as an athlete

(45-60 Min)

“After reading Jonathan Conneely’s book  “The Secret to Real Athlete Success” my first reaction was that this is something all of us should read no matter what our age or career. The important reminders for those of us that are in our careers are worth the time and effort investing in this book and Coach JC’s principles.

And for the athletes I can simply say this: Jonathan’s emphasis on the concept of “mindset” is critical to success in the world of athletics as well as the world you will enter once the game says it’s time.  If you take the 27 principles that Jonathan lays out and make them a part of your everyday life you will definitely become the best “you” that you can become.  And that is the challenge of sports and life. To reach “your” best level!

I encourage you to read this book a number of times so that you can fully understand the “what”; the “why”; and the “how” of becoming successful in your athletic career and your life.  What Coach JC lays out is “the truth”!

 Kevin Eastman
Assistant Coach Los Angeles Clippers
2008 NBA World Champion Coach with the Boston Celtics
2008 & 2010 NBA All Star Game Coach with the Boston Celtics


THINK like a Pro.  ACT like a Boss.

Your Coaches and Athletes will learn…

  • How to think the same way that a pro athlete thinks and why you need to think like that starting right now to WIN.
  • How to OWN the moment by acting like a Boss. Everyone today wants to be a Boss or at least use the title and now you will learn why you should act like a Boss starting today!
  • Why most people don’t win and how to breakthrough losing thoughts and patterns so that you can WIN ALL DAY.

(45-60 Min)

“This is a must read for athletes, coaches and anyone who wants to win in life!

As a Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl Champion in the NFL I understand the importance of mental focus and preparation. To now have a simple step by step 27 day gameplan for athletes is awesome!  Coach JC will motivate you and inspire you to think bigger and Create The Winning Mindset so that you can achieve peak performance on and off the field.

If you are ready to win as a coach or an athlete then you need to read, The Secret To REAL Athlete Success from my friend Coach JC.”

Joe Theismann – NFL Super Bowl Champion


I am a CHAMPION! How To THINK, SPEAK, & ACT like a CHAMPION before you are one.

Your Coaches and Athletes will learn…

  • The 3 M’s to master right now so that you can WIN as an athlete starting today
  • How to utilize the 2 R’s to stay focused and not allow distractions to take you out of your game.
  • The champion mentally and why everything you do to train physically is only 10% 50% of your success.

(45-60 Min)

Check out Coach JC in action as he gets the Memorial Charger’s fired up and mentally prepared to go WIN the 5A State Championship!

“As a professional athlete, I understand what it takes to get to the top, because I have lived it! Coach JC’s book is a must read for everyone.  If you have a goal to attain, in the athletic realm or in life, this book is for you!  Read this book, implement Coach JC’s teaching, and watch your world transform!”

Johnny Quinn
U.S. National Bobsled Team Member
Former NFL Athlete (Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers)
CEO & Founder of The Athlete Watch, a pro-active leadership course in college recruiting;


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My goal is to deliver  a LIFE CHANGING message that will leave your team Motivated, Empower & Inspired to take massive action to WIN.  I also want to make you look like even more of a genius then you already are for bringing me in as a speaker.
-Coach JC