Mission / Purpose

“I am on a mission to help as many people as possible WIN in life!”

I am Jonathan Conneely, Coach JC and I live to serve God and serve people.

My purpose is to help people WIN in life.  To Empower people to Live more, Be more and WIN more in the most important game you will ever play in… YOUR LIFE!

I am a strong, powerful, passionate, loving, courageous, compassionate, fun, intense, crazy example of what is possible when you have a burning desire, commit and are sold out and all in.

I am a walking miracle and testimony that anything is possible to those who believe and commit your life to God and serving others.

My goal each day is to challenge myself to WIN more in my own life and live everyday to help others WIN.


What Coach JC , his team and his companies stand for and are all about. 

We believe that we can do ALL things through Christ who is our strength and that with God anybody can WIN. 
We are committed to never giving up on anyone and sacrificing our own good to help someone else win.
We speak, write and act with honesty, integrity and respect at all times.
We choose to bring our best and be our best every single day and to never settle for average in our thinking, attitude or actions. 
We seek out opportunity to help other’s win and choose to treat every person with the highest level of respect and value. 
We believe that iron sharpens iron and choose to unselfishly act on what’s best for the team to further the mission and help people WIN. 
We choose to do what is right at all times no matter the circumstance.
We choose to continually grow physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, professionally and relationally so that we can be the best we can be. 
We unwaveringly execute the COACH JC WINNING SYSTEMS and intensely work hard at what we do knowing that our job has a direct effect on helping other’s WIN.
We believe in being all in to the vision, sold out to the team and committed to owning the moment.

My “I AM” and “I Will” Statement…

I WILL Leave a Legacy!
I AM a man with relentless energy and passion that chooses to be disciplined in my daily actions.
I AM a man of INTEGRITY and COMPASSION devoted to helping other people WIN in life!
I am a man that believes in ABSOLUTE TRUTH, a man that pursues EXCELLENCE and each and every day in all that I do I do it with Conviction and with Purpose!
I WILL be the BEST father, husband, friend and coach I can be!
I AM a WINNER and I WILL WIN the day!

FUN Facts About Coach JC…

I wear J’s out on date night with the wifee
I love watches and accessories more than some women do
I hate to lose
I don’t wear socks with most of my shoes
I love boxer dogs
I watch chick flicks and get emotional but refuse to show it
I love every Rocky movie 
I love music and concerts and if I could do anything else it would be a famous artist/musician and entertain people. You know like Justine Beiber, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.
I think cats are from the devil
I love wearing a suit and always wanted a spread in GQ magazine
I love lifting heavy stuff 

“Coach JC will motivate, inspire and empower you to live your dreams and achieve greater results. But more importantly, Coach JC comes from his heart and truly cares about making a positive difference. “

– James Malinchak, Featured on the ABC Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
Author, Millionaire Entrepreneur Secrets Founder,