Meet Coach JC

Meet Coach JC

“Once you change your thinking you can change your life!”

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Hey  WINNER! My mission in life is to help as many people  as possible WIN and live the best life possible.

You can have anything you desire in life. No dream is too big or goal too high.

I am blessed and privileged on a daily basis to help people perform at a higher level and WIN in life. I get to do this through coaching, speaking, my books and products, and the awesome life of social media.

I love what I do!  If  we get to work together you will be able to see my passion…Living life and helping others!


“You can WIN and I will show you how- let’s get started today!”

I’ve been empowering people to WIN for over 13 years by coaching them to overcome obstacles, breakthrough limitations and create “The Winning Mindset.” I have been privileged to train people of all walks of life and some of the top athletes and corporate and church leaders in the country through private coaching, consulting and motivational speaking.

You can check out my full bio if you like to read – COACH JC BIO

If your ready to rock and roll and start WINNING by Creating The Winning Mindset then let’s get after it… Start WINNING with Coach JC’s Coaching

Once I started winning in my own life I knew that I discover the secret to winning in life and had to share it with as many people that would listen.  I decided that being an author would be really cool and a good way to reach more people so I authored a few books… The Secret to Real SuccessThe Secret to Real Weightloss Success and The Secret to Real Athlete Success.

You can check these books out along with some other products that can help you win- Coach JC’s Books and Products

Before becoming a coach, an author, and a motivational speaker, I was a fighter. Not a boxer or even in the MMA world but had fight to overcome many obstacles in my own life. By the age of 25 , I discovered how to turn what looked like a severe loss in my own life into a WIN.  As a result, I discovered my own coaching system, “How To Create The Winning Mindset.” Now I get to speak and share this message all over the world with churches, colleges, athletic teams, and organizations of all kinds.  I get to meet some awesome people as well.  If you would like some more WINNING in your life I would love to come speak for your organization. COACH JC Speaking

If you want to be motivated and inspired to do BIGGER things and create more WIN’S in your life then you have to check out MY STORY. I promise you wont be bored…Growing up on the Jersey Shore as a short white boy aspiring to be a rapper or play in the NBA can’t be boring. Check it out… Coach JC’s STORY

Let’s connect my friend! I promise you my 12 year old daughter teaches me something new everyday when it comes to social media so I’m pretty good now… I still get to inspire thousands of people every day on television, radio, speaking engagements and through the social media world of over 90,000 loyal friends and fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and over a million video views on You Tube.

Connect with me through SOCIAL MEDIA and get WINNING messages everyday!

I started my career as the youngest strength and conditioning coach in the nation at the Division 1 level and later created Dynamic Sports Development, one of the top training facilities in the country for athletes from age 9 to the pro’s.  I also have been super blessed to help transform thousands of women’s lives with Tulsa’s first outdoor fitness program, Bootcamp Tulsa.

If you’re a female that needs to be EMPOWERED in Fitness, Nutrition & Life let’s WIN – BOOTCAMP TULSA
If your an athlete that is SERIOUS about getting SERIOUS results so that you can WIN on the field and WIN in life let’s do it – DYNAMIC SPORTS DEVELOPMENT

I am a ridiculously compassionate person that has a passion for giving back which inspired me to create an 8-week body transformation program for churches across America called The Secret To REAL Weight-loss Success FOR CHRISTIANS.  I am on a mission to empower Christians across the country to WIN in their body, mind and spirit!  Check it out… CHRISTIAN WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS

My proudest accomplishment is being a husband to my beautiful wife, Jodi and being a proud father to my sunshine, my beautiful daughter, Alivia.

If you want to WIN but rather talk to a human then just give us a shout – Contact Coach JC