WIN 4 LIFE Challenge – WIN a Mercedes – Bootcamp Tulsa

Hey WINNER! Our 2014 WIN 4 LIFE Challenge is only a few days away from kicking off!  By the end of January ONE lady WILL walk (or I should say drive) away in a a brand new MERCEDES BENZ! WIN a Mercedes -Bootcamp Tulsa Here is EVERYTHING you need to know to be the WINNER. How Do I Earn Points By Bringing Friends?   2 Ways…

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WIN a Mercedes – Bootcamp Tulsa – WIN4LIFE Challenge

WIN4LIFE Challenge! WIN a Mercedes? True Story! We’re  giving away a 2014 Mercedes Benz by the end of January! It’s our WIN4LIFE Challenge! If you are in Tulsa and want to ROLL IN CLASS now is your time! I wanted to drop you a quick line with 1 idea that could GUARANTEE you a WIN. It’s a marketing secret that I think you will like….

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Why Win?

“WIN ALL DAY.” If you have been around me in any capacity you have probably heard the words WIN ALL DAY! At Dynamic Sports Development, our sports performance facility in Tulsa OK it has become a staple. At Boot camp Tulsa, Tulsa’s #1 Fitness program for Women the ladies even have shirts that say, WIN. ALL DAY. On Facebook or twitter you have probably heard…

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