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Fit First Responders – Be Your Best Physically, Mentally & spiritually to be Fit for Duty & Fit for Life

FIT First Responders is a 25 week gameplan to provide our nations first responders, our police, firefighters, medics and national guard with the best opportunity to be their best on the job, but most importantly in life.


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Christian Motivational Speaker | Motivational Book

The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success – Your 8 Week Body Transformation

Finally! The Secret To REAL Weight Loss is revealed! Many people desire to lose weight but very few actually ever achieve the body they desire and ultimately deserve. At a young age Coach JC experienced a tragedy in his own life, and at this time he turned this tragedy, what looked like a big loss into a BIG WIN. This BIG WIN propelled him to reveal his WINNING MINDSET system that has helped thousands of people world wide create win’s in their own life. Just like you train your body you can train your mind. The secret for you to lose the weight and keep it off for good is creating the winning mindset.

In this book you will be given a 27 Day Body Transformation Game plan that includes:

– How To Create The Winning Mindset and change your thinking so that you can change your body

– The most effective fat burning exercise routines that utilize the best piece of equipment you have, your bodyweight. These routines can be performed anywhere, anytime!

-Your Life Eating Game Plan with ONLY 10 habits for you to master so that you can say goodbye to dieting once and for all.

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The Secret To REAL Success – How To Have Anything You Want In Business and Life in 27 Days

Christian Motivational Speaker | Secret To Real Success
Are you ready to WIN in life?
You can have anything you want anytime you want in life. Better relationships, more money, more happiness, more success…

My desire is for you to WIN in life. For you to live the life you desire, the life you were born to live.
Success or failure is not just some big event that happens one day, it is the things or lack of things that you decide to do or not do on a daily basis. Most people want to WIN they just don’t know how and the ones that know how just aren’t doing it!

This book will provide you with the RIGHT 27-day game plan so that you can have anything you want anytime you want in life and in business.
In this 27 day gameplan you will discover my WINNING MINDSET system on how to Think, Speak and Act as if you already are there!
I will teach you how to unlock the power of your mind so that you can go and get what you desire and live the life you deserve.

In this book you will discover:
– How To determine your 3 W’s to WINNING
– How To train your mind just like you train your body to WIN
– How To overcome adversity and obstacles in your life before they even occur
– How To use past failures to create future successes
– Why you winning is what you were born to do
– How to have whatever you want before you have it
– The Law of WINNING
– How To WIn each and everyday so that you can have the huge WIN you desire.

*I will also give you over 20 performance coaching videos so that you can watch and hear the winning ways as well as ready them.

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The Secret To REAL Athlete Success – How To Create The Winning Mindset So That You Can WIN as an Athlete and WIN in Life

Christian Motivational Speaker | Stay MotivatedI have been training athletes for over 12 years now on how to become a better athlete and win on the playing field. At 23 years old I became the youngest Director of Strength and Conditioning in the Nation at the Division 1 Level. It was at this time as I went through a huge tragedy in my own life that I discovered The Secret To WINNING as an athlete. I saw way to many athletes not achieving peak performance on the court and filed and also in life. I realized that the same gampelan I used in my own life to turn what looked like a severe loss into a WIN could work with the athletes I was training.

I created my WINNING MINDSET system and BAM! We started winning and had the most winning seasons in the schools history.
If you are an athlete, a coach, or a parent this is the book for you!

You will discover:
– How to train your mind just like you train you body
– How to WIN before you WIN
– What has been holding you back and how to overcome the limiting factors
– How you WINNING today is the most important WIN you can have
– The Law of WINNING and how to “turn it on” in your life

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8 Week Body Transformation For Christians

Christian Motivational Speaker | Complete Collection


You will discover how to WIN through this faith based 8 Week Body Transformation based on biblical principles where YOU WILL discover The Secret To Real Weight Loss and once and for all TRANSFORM Your Mind, Your Body, and YOUR LIFE!

In 8 power-packed 90 min. coaching sessions, you’ll discover how to create the winning mindset, take control of your health, lose weight, get fit, and live the life you were born to live. This program was created for individuals as an at home course and also as a curriculum for church groups. 

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How To Create The Winning Mindset – Transform Your Thinking for More Success In Life – Audio CD

Christian Motivational Speaker | Learn How To WinIn this 5 disc series you will discover:
– How to create WIN’S in your life over and over again!
– How you were born a WINNER and why you deserve to WIN!
– How to re-ignite a desire within you by knowing what you want
– How to WIN by the power of choice
– What your most valuable asset is and how you can train it to WIN everyday ALL DAY for you.

The word’s you choose to hear each day will determine the direction of your life. Now you can have over 5 hours of positive, life changing, motivation each and everyday!

WARNING! This series will radically transform your thinking and the direction of your life. So if you do not want to win more and have a better, enriched life do not buy it. If you are ready to be more and achieve more then now is your time. YOU DESERVE IT!

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Coach JC’s 14 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan

Christian Motivational Speaker | Fat Burning

What you get in My 14 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan: 

-14 days of meal plans… exactly what to eat so that you can reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

-How to use carbohydrates and their timing to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

-A proven gameplan so that you can get the results you desire and deserve ..oh yeah, and in JUST 14 DAYS!!!

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The 2 Can Workout

Christian Motivational Speaker | WorkoutFREE e-book!

You WILL discover how you can get fit anywhere, anytime!

Even by only using 2 cans. That’s Right! The 2 Can Workout consists of some of the most effective fat burring exercise routines that you can perform anywhere,anytime. Have Fun!

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The Pumpkin Workout

Christian Motivational Speaker | Pumpkin WorkoutFREE e-book!

The Pumpkin Workout consists of FULL body exercise routines with full descriptions and pictures so that you can get fit during the holiday seasons and do it with your bodyweight and a pumpkin.

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Coach JC’s WIN ALL DAY Cookbook (E-Book) – 90 Winning Recipes

This WIN ALL DAY Cookbook is a tool to help you WIN in the kitchen so that you can have the peace of mind on how you need to eat so that you can accomplish your goals. This is not a diet book but rather a game plan… a game plan of simple, great stating recipes all compliant with your 10 Habits. There are no quick fixes, for you to WIN in your nutrition, it starts in the kitchen with you planning and preparing.

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8 – 30 Minute Full Body Workouts
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Win In Fitness