If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will EMPOWER, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE your church Coach JC is your man!


Christian Motivational Speaker | Faith and Fitness

Coach JC customizes his message to connect with your audience to get them excited to WIN more as a Christian. If you want your church to be motivated, inspired and empowered so that they can perform at a higher level then Coach JC is your speaker.

Coach JC will show your audience how to WIN both mentally and physically by Creating The Winning Mindset(Romans 12:2) and by giving them take away action steps to take it to the next level in their performance.  Coach JC understands the ministry and works with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for so that your church will THANK YOU for bringing him in!

Coach JC is one of the most sought after Christian Motivational Speakers in the World. His messages is in season and has been revolutionizing churches and christians to take action and WIN.

See Coach JC’s testimony of how attending Bible school saved his life:

Coach JC wrote an ebook that has got the attention of hundreds of news outlets and media outlets World wide.

“The 5 Reasons Why Many Christians are Losing”

Christian Motivational Speaker | 5 Reasons Why

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See Coach JC in action at Tulsa Mega Church, Victory – “How To WIN as a Christian”

Working with Coach JC is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


How To Create The Winning Mindset So That You Can WIN as a CHRISTIAN and WIN in Life!

Your audience will be Motivated, Inspired and Empowered to WIN!

Coach JC has overcome many obstacle in life from the poverty streets of Jersey to a severe tragedy in 2001.

In this talk you will hear Coach JC’s powerful story along with the biblical principles he used to overcome these obstacles. From a young age many have told Coach JC that his calling was to be a Pastor. For many years now Coach JC has used his platform to help empower Christians to WIN in their body and mind so that they can do what God has called them to do.

In this powerful talk you will discover:

-How to own the moment and why each day is a divine one

-Why many Christians are not enjoying life and can not do what they were called to do

-How to not only overcome during a challenging time but to WIN.

During Coach JCs talk you will laugh, maybe even cry, and definitely be given a gameplan to start WINNING!

(45-60 Min) – Great talk for church congregations & faith based organizations.

Check out Coach JC as he speaks to the students of Victory Bible College in Tulsa Ok…


The Secret To WIN as a CHRISTIAN in BUSINESS and in LIFE

Your audience will learn how to Create The Winning Mindset so that they can WIN in business and in life!

(60-90 Min) – Great talk for church Marketplace Ministry’s and business meetings.

Christian Motivational Speaker | Secret To Success







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Christian Motivational Speaker | Speaking Event

The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success For CHRISTIANS

Your audience will learn how to WIN as a Christian in their health and why this is absolutely necessary for them to WIN as a Christian.

(45-90 Min) – Great talk for church congregations and faith based organizations

Christian Motivational Speaker | Weight Loss Collection

*Coach JC is creator of the 8 week Body Transformation for church connect groups so that Christians can WIN in their health. You can learn more about this life changing connect group for churches and why now is the time. The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success FOR CHRISTIANS

Check out why Coach JC’s talk, “WIN IN YOUR Body-WIN IN LIFE” is revolutionizing churches across America

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My goal is to deliver  a life changing message that will leave your audience talking about it and taking massive action to WIN in life.  I also want to make you look like even more of a genius then you already are for bringing me in as a speaker
-Coach JC