If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will EMPOWER, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE your students and faculty to WIN Coach JC is your man!

Christian Motivational Speaker | Winning In Life


Coach JC customizes his message to connect with your audience to get them excited to WIN and take massive action. If you want your audience to WIN so that they can perform at a higher level then Coach JC is your speaker.

Coach JC will show your audience how to WIN by Creating The Winning Mindset and by giving them take away action steps to take it to the next level in their performance.  Coach JC is an event planners dream as he works with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for so that your audience will THANK YOU for bringing him in!


Working with Coach JC is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


How To Create The Winning Mindset So That You Can WIN as a STUDENT & WIN in LIFE!

Your Students Will Learn…

  • The 3 WINNING M’s they can do right now to increase Winning on campus and in life
  • How to create the right behaviors to increase their winning percentage and create WINNING days.
  • What  Law Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Nolan Ryan implemented to WIN.

(45-60 Min)

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Christian Motivational Speaker | Get Successful


“Coach JC will motivate, inspire and empower you to live your dreams and achieve greater results. But more importantly, Coach JC comes from his heart and truly cares about making a positive difference. “

      – James Malinchak, Featured on the ABC Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
         Author, Millionaire Entrepreneur Secrets Founder, 



Think Like a BOSS. Act Like a Student

Your Students Will Learn…

  • How to create a definite direction in their life with Coach JC’s 3 M’s to WIN and create definite direction in life
  • How to Act as if they are already are a BOSS now and how this will  produce the grades  they need to succeed.
  • How to use 1 part of their body as the secret weapon to WIN  all day! ( and we promise it is G rated!)

(45-60 Min)


The Secret To REAL Athlete  Success – How To Create The WINNING Mindset So That You Can WIN as an Athlete and WIN in Life!

Your student athletes and staff will learn…

  • How to WIN each and everyday mentally through discovering the 3 W’s to WIN
  • Discover the 3 R’s to focus and take the right action to WIN.
  • Why most athletes never achieve peak performance and what you can do immediately to control your future success as an athlete.
  • (45-60 Min)

*This is one of Coach JC’s most popular talks. He will bring his real life experience in training some of the top athletes and programs in the world.

Find out how you can get 100 copies FREE of Coach JC’s book so that your athletes can have the game plan in hand once Coach JC walks off campus.

Christian Motivational Speaker | Getting Motivated

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“My goal is to deliver  a life changing message that will leave your audience wanting to WIN and taking the RIGHT massive action to WIN!  I want your audience to love it so much that it makes you look like even more of a genius then you already are for bringing me in as a speaker”
-Coach JC