In addition to coaching and training serious athletes, we also provide training for
serious individuals here at DSD. You may not be a competitive athlete, but if your drive and determination to get serious results is sky high, DSD may be the place for you.

If you are tired of wasting time at the gym with little or no results, DSD is what you’re looking for. We understand that there are a select group of people out there- serious individuals- who want more than a commercial gym with lots of equipment and no training. People who are frustrated with trainers who care more about how big their arms are rather than YOUR results. People who want to build muscle, cut unwanted fat and look and feel better than ever before. People who are frustrated with long, boring workouts that offer no results. These are serious individuals and the people who make up the community of DSD.

DSD is a private, membership based facility. We only want serious, dedicated, committed
individuals. We want those who are serious about their results and understand that there are no quick fixes.


DSD is not like other gyms. We are a true community of people seriously dedicated to
physical fitness. At DSD your training partners will become like family. You will find a distinct camaraderie and competition within our membership community that creates a highly motivating atmosphere. Our coaches are professional Strength and Conditioning coaches from all over the nation. You will get the same top of the line training that many professional athletes get. At DSD you will become part of an elite club of serious athletes and serious individuals with one goal in mind- extreme physical results.


At DSD, we have created an environment and atmosphere that is guaranteed to help you succeed and finally reach your fitness goals. This is a place where you can come to transform both physically and mentally. You won’t find any tv’s, juice bars, useless machines or fancy locker rooms. And there is no A/C. But what you will find are serious people, experienced coaches and extremely heavy weights. We’re not interested in the typical gym fluff. We’re in the business of getting your body ripped and toned and helping you see results like never before.

Are you a Serious Individual?

Are you ready to work harder than you ever have in your life? Are you prepared to see your body transform and build muscle like never before? Are you sick and tired of logging hours at the gym with no results to show for it? If so, DSD may just be the place for you!

DSD is a private, membership based facility. We only train with serious athletes and serious individuals, so not everyone is accepted into our program. We don’t offer single training sessions at DSD. We believe that getting the results you desire is a process and cannot be done in a few sessions.

Once you’ve been accepted into our membership program, you will train with a coach 2-3 times per week. The other 2 or 3 days you will perform DSD STRONG workouts. This allows you to come in on your own time perform specific workouts and exercises to help you meet your fitness goals.

Call or email us today to set up your DSD Membership interview. Take the next step to
becoming stronger and more physically and mentally fit than you ever thought possible at

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