The Iceburg Or The Tent

The Iceburg Or The Tent; Faith Based Fitness

This content was written for Coach JC

Close your eyes for a second, take a trip with me. Look out there in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, what do you see? Icebergs, icebergs everywhere. You might even see the iceberg that took down the Titanic. The iceberg in the movie the Titanic was depicted as a mere ice cube on top of the water. So how could it snap this giant ship in half? It all comes down to its base. If you call 800 382 1506 Coast JC would be happy to tell you about faith-based fitness.

The measly chunk of ice that took out the grand Titanic, was only able to do so because the base of that iceberg below the surface of the water was much grander then that toy boat that approached it. Faith based fitness is the missing key in your life to tackle all of your obstacles. Just like the iceberg, you need to have a base that is so gargantuan that nothing stands a chance. You know so much about your nutrition, that taco Tuesday has to ring another door. Why is the base so important?

You see a palm tree can withstand a hurricane. It is a fairly small tree in comparison to, let’s say, a red oak tree, that you would find in a Midwestern state. But a red oak tree in a tornado is plucked out of the ground like a flower froim your garden. The oak tree has a impressive root system below it, but it is no match for a tornado, and it is nothing compared to a palm tree. The palm trees roots go down so deep in the earth that the tree can literally bend over backwards and touch the ground and still pop right back up. Its faith is so deeply rooted, if you will, that nothing can pluck it out of the ground.

With a faith based fitness, all of life’s problems don’t stand a chance. Remember when you were a kid at the beach, and how you would dig a hole in the sand, then jump inside the whole and bury your legs up to your knees as the water came and soaked the sand. You could lean forward and backwards and side to side, you could lean back like the matrix and touch your head back behind you. You created a solid base for your body, where you were supported for anything that you did.

Coach JC has found a way to take your faith based fitness to the next level and give you that faith base fitness that I am talking about. Do you want to win in your fitness? do you want to win in your life? Do you want to have that base that allows you to live your life with confidence and be able to say no to temptations? Coach JC is a fitness and life coach who has cracked the code on the status quo. He knows what it takes to tackle life’s obstacles and teaches you how to use your faith and fitness to become the best they can be. Give him a call at 800 382 1506!

If You Believe You Will Shrink ; Faith Based Fitness

This content was created for Coach JC

What is your base, what is your foundation? Everything in life starts from something. Latex paint has a water base, peanut butter has a net base, spaghetti sauce has a tomato base. What am I getting at? What is your life built on? The base of a house is a concrete slab. Your base is your foundation. The bigger the base the bigger the potential. Coach JC from can be reached at 800 382 1506 where he will help you find your foundation, your base, your fitness.

Why is it so important to have a faith based fitness? Well why is it important to have a concrete based home? There is a story in the Bible about two homes in one that was built on stone and one that was built on the sand. When the storm came and the winds blew and the rain fell which house you think stood? The one on the soft ground, the sand, the floor sunk and the walls collapsed. The house with the stone as the foundation stood the test of time. It was able to withstand the pressures of mother nature. So how does this relate to fitness? Well I will tell you.

If you went to the gym and your personal trainer told you to pick up a 150 pound dumbbell and press it over your head, would you believe that you could do it? No of course not. But if he told you to pick up a 5 pound dumbbell and press that over your head, now that is believable yes? Now if we were to push the weight a little bit higher and say 20 pounds, which is more than you’ve ever done before, but it is with in your grasp. You could believe that with a little bit of training you could do it. Same thing with a faith based fitness. If you believe you can, you will. It all comes down to your mindset when you meet an obstacle.

Your mindset will determine whether you can or cannot achieve your goals. If you have a positive attitude and you will look at everything as the glass half-full. You will see that dumbbell as your next achievement. If you look at the glass half empty you will look at that dumbbell as how many failures will it take. With a faith based fitness you look at everything as something you will accomplish. It may not happen right away, but it will happen. If you believe it will, it will happen. Negative talk and self-doubt only hammers the nail further and further into the coffin of defeat.

People are afraid of failure. Failure is only a bad thing if you think it is. Successful people see failure as another steppingstone to their goal. If they fall down, they get back up and learn from their mistake. Most likely, they will not make that mistake again. Every failure makes them stronger and more equipped to take on the next challenge. Do you believe in your success? call 800 382 1506 to set up an appointment today!