WIN 4 LIFE Challenge – WIN a Mercedes – Bootcamp Tulsa

Hey WINNER! Our 2014 WIN 4 LIFE Challenge is only a few days away from kicking off!  By the end of January ONE lady WILL walk (or I should say drive) away in a a brand new MERCEDES BENZ! WIN a Mercedes -Bootcamp Tulsa Here is EVERYTHING you need to know to be the WINNER. How Do I Earn Points By Bringing Friends?   2 Ways…

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YOU wanna WIN a MERCEDES? WIN 4 LIFE – BootcampTulsa

If you know me then you know that I like to do it BIG Fitness Challenge in BootcampTulsa. So let me ask you again, You wanna WIN a Mercedes?             If so check it out… JC The 2014 WIN 4 LIFE Challenge is here! Now see what you can do to WIN… JC Mercedes giveaway. Will it be you? YOU…

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