Why Fitness Matters As Much As The Faith

Why Fitness Matters As Much As The Faith: Faith Based Fitness

This Content Was Written for Coach JC

Coach JC provides a faith based fitness program that he has brought to some of the top churches around the country. He focuses on providing weight loss programs for Christians by applying biblical application to actual physical activity. He’s a strong believer that we were called to great things but we are also called to take care of the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is our body. The moment you decide to have Jesus be Lord of your life is the moment you surrender your life, your dreams and your physical body. God does not want to call the church will not take care of themselves in a physical or spiritual manner. This is why fitness matters just as much is your faith. Coach JC is going to walk you through the program is transformed churches all across the nation and in the Midwest.

Your physical body is your responsibility. It’s your responsibility to focus on losing weight and making sure that the food that you put in your body is resulting in beneficial results. You have to make sure that you are physically fit in order to live out the call that God has called you to live out. God has entrusted you with the physical body that you were meant to take care of. You were meant to have a lot of energy and you were meant to have enough self-discipline not to put inside your body which should be there. How many people are missing out on the great things of God because they simply refuse to watch what they eat? How many destinies have been shorted because people had a heart attack when they were 35. How many people are overweight in the church who were not living their life to the fullest?

When he’s providing faith based fitness he’s not telling the church everything that they’re doing wrong. He simply pointing out that the church is neglected to talk about fitness and the importance of weight loss throughout the life of the congregation. Your congregation might be strong spiritually but it’s also equally important that they are strong physically. How are they supposed to reject the community and how are they supposed to be an example to the rest the world if they can’t even get off their couch? Coach JC is can provide you with the faith based fitness tips for you be able to start working towards a healthier lifestyle and ultimately a more spiritual life. He believes that God wants you to lose weight.

God has called you to live a great life. He says it right there in the Bible. He’s given you everything that you need through his son Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit that was left behind on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is there to guide you and the Holy Spirit is there to direct your every step. What happens when you can’t walk because you’re so overweight? What happens when you don’t have the energy or the motivation to be able to do with the Spirit says to do? It’s become absolutely ridiculous that the church refuses to engage in any type of physical fitness or weight loss programs. This is why the church is lagging behind in culture because people do not have the energy to fulfill their destiny. Coach JC was to be able to change all that through his programs.

Your physical fitness matters. What you do, what you eat and how you exercise matters. He wants to be able to provide the best programs for your church and for your congregation to be able to live out a life worthy of their calling. This means staying in good physical shape. This means staying with a weight loss program that will completely change your life. God is calling you are you answering the call? Are you able to answer the call? Are you able to move towards a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian and be an example to the world? It starts with your physical fitness. If you’re not physically fit it makes it nearly impossible to live out what the Spirit has for you.

Programs Here To Help You Answer the Call: Faith Based Fitness

This Content Was Written for Coach JC

Coach JC is the number one physical fitness coach who is providing Christians the best faith based fitness programs for churches and congregations throughout the United States. He’s a motivational speaker who backs everything he says of typical principle and practical action steps that you can start applying to your life right away. The church is like behind into many areas in the world and one of those is being a poor example when it comes to physical health. America as a nation struggles with exercising and making sure that were taking time to focus on our fitness. Christian should be an example to the world by demonstrating what it means to take care of your life physically can’t take care of your life spiritually. Learn more about the program at Coach JC provides a visiting online today.

Faith based fitness is one of the top programs provided by Coach JC’s number one goal is to wake the church up my comes to exercising. How many people are not able to live out the call on their life because they are not physically able? How many people are missing out on the great things in store for them because they will not exercise? Coach JC believes that there are too many destinies that encourage short for people who are simply refusing to work out or engage in any type of physical activity. He believes that it’s time for a revolution to happen in the church when it comes to faith based fitness programs.

Coach JC has been developing these programs for many years and has seen the lives of so many Christians transform right before his very eyes. Christians can sometimes be the worst about self motivating themselves and they always have some type of biblical excuse why not to go exercise. But the truth of the matter is that it clearly states in the Bible that you need to be able to take care of yourself. This is that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you are responsible for taking care of the Temple. How was eating fast food taking care of your temple? How is neglecting to drink water or neglecting working out taking care of your temple? The simple answer is not.

Coach JC was to be able to provide the number one programs revolving around faith based fitness. You must find Christians with great weight loss programs that not only teaches them how to exercise but also shows the biblical aspects that point directly to exercising. It is our job as Christians to be a light unto the world. It’s our job to infiltrate culture and change the nations for God. Actually change the nations regard when we can even take control of our own bodies? How can we take control of nations we can even manage to have enough self-control to not eat the third donut? The truth is that Christians are lagging behind especially in the physical fitness realm.

Enough is enough. Coach JC has had enough of people not taking care of their bodies and dying prematurely. How many destinies of being cut short because people refuse to exercise? How many people are up in heaven right now looking at what their life could’ve been but because they refuse to work out it was cut short. God wants you to have a fantastic life. He wants you to be able to run, play and without the dreams on the inside of you. The guide also requires you to have self-discipline and self-motivation in the areas of physical fitness. Requires you to move and he requires you to start moving towards a better you. Only thinking God start moving you the next portion of your life.