A Healthy Life Is a Spiritual Life

A Healthy Life Is a Spiritual Life: Christian Weight Loss

This Content Was Written for Coach JC

Choose Coach JC is your next guest speaker at your church who can touch on the subject of Christian weight loss. He has developed studies and entire programs dedicated to helping Christians become more active and more healthy and their walk. He believes that the physical body is just as important as taking care of the spiritual body. He believes that many people are not able to walk out there call or their destiny because they are not in good physical shape. It would be a shame if God called you overseas you didn’t even have the energy or the capacity to be able to move towards it. He believes that a healthy life spiritual life and wants to help your congregation start moving towards a better tomorrow. Health, happiness and God walked hand-in-hand. Learn more about the program online.

Coach JC continues to be one of the number one speakers of choice for churches who are looking to get their congregation serious about Christian weight loss. He’s extremely serious about helping people engage in physical fitness activity for the purposes of living out their destiny. God has great plans for all of us but sometimes we delay those plans because of our own selfish endeavors. A lot of it has to do with a lack of self-control or a lack of self motivation to be able to lose the weight you need to live out the call. How many people are missing out on the good things in life because they simply do not want to put the cheeseburger down? God is not called you to be overweight. God is called you to have stamina.

I understand the concept of spiritual energy. I understand the concept that God is your strength. But I also understand that it’s important for you to realize the Christian weight loss must happen in your life in order for you to start moving towards your destiny. People who put it on the shelf and ignore will find themselves dying prematurely. What are you going to say when you get up in heaven and God is asking you about why you didn’t spend more time on the treadmill? What are you going to say when you die prematurely and your destiny is handed off to someone you decided to be physically fit? Coach JC wants you to avoid all of this by providing with the program that can help you lose weight.

If you look at the great men of the Bible, you’ll see that many of them fasted and many of them were very particular about what they put in their bodies. Daniel is a great example of this. When he was offered the king’s food he refused. He told and only bring him water and vegetables for himself and for his convenience. But at the end of the supper they found that he was 10 times more capable any of the other people who ate the king’s food. What does this mean? It means that Daniel valued not only doing what God instructed them to do but he also valued his own physical body. He knew that in order to influence culture yet to be physically fit and he needed the energy required to do it.

Coach JC is going to walk you through the biblical principles that point out where you need to start losing weight. Energy is one of the most valuable things that we have on the planet and time is one of our most valuable resources. Are you wasting your time by not working out? You are. Because you are ultimately delaying your life and possibly hurting yourself by not paying attention to what you put in your body. Coach JC has years in the physical fitness community helping Christians to lose weight and to start living out the call on their life. Coach JC want you to be physically fit and according to the Bible God which you to be physically fit as well. Learn more about the program online today.

Like God Wants You to Lose Weight: Christian Weight Loss

This Content Was Written for Coach JC

Coach JC is one of the top motivational speakers that is ready to bring the energy and the engagement to your church service. It provides different programs depending on what you want your congregation to focus on which includes Christian weight loss and other programs that help infuse biblical principles to success. Coach JC believes that everyone has a call on their life and that everyone should focus on staying healthy in order to fulfill the calling on their life. If you are low on energy and you are not taking care of your body is going to be very difficult to walk out your destiny of the creator of the universe is specifically designed for you. Learn more about Coach JC online.

Coach JC is excited about providing a Christian weight loss program specifically designed for congregations to do together. Everything is always easier when you are not alone and you have a community to fall back on when you get tired of following through with the weight loss program. But why is weight loss important in the church? The truth is that so many people in the church today are neglecting their health but focus on spiritual aspects of their life. It should not be this way. Each of these things should be focused on equal amount of attention. Your spiritual body is just as important as your physical body enough when the program takes place.

Coach JC wants to be able to provide you with the Christian weight loss program that is going to be partnered with biblical principles that will also stem over to practical application. God wants you to lose weight in order to have the energy and the stamina to be able to do what he has called you to do. What if God called you to Africa tomorrow? Would you even be able to get on the plane? Would you even have the energy and the stamina to be able to stand the heat in that country? If not, how many people are still needing to hear about the message of Jesus Christ but can’t because you refuse to lose weight in your life?

Coach JC believes it is time for the church to start maintaining discipline especially in the area of exercise. How is this been neglected for so long in the church? Why is not physical fitness one of the key components for congregation? Most people do not believe that physical fitness is important in the Christian community. But the truth of the matter is that you are not able to move past where you are and is a good chance you cannot live out the purpose God is giving you until you start taking care of your own life. People who are unable to manage the little things cannot be entrusted with the bigger things of God. Were not making this up, it’s in the Bible.

Coach JC continues to live out the life he was called to do and to motivate people to understand the importance of weight loss especially in the Christian community. Christians are meant to be an example to the rest the world. How are you supposed to be an example to the world when you never get off your couch? How are you supposed to be an example to the world when you’re stuffing your face with cheatos? How are you supposed to live at the destiny on the inside of you if you’re overweight? Choose to lose weight and know that it’s something that God has called you to do. Only then can you start living out your destiny at full capacity.