Church Donuts Got You Down

Church Donuts Got You Down? ; Christian Weight Loss

This content is written for Coach JC

Sunday morning, throw on your Sunday best, grab some breakfast; coffee, bagel, banana, and a glass of orange juice. you yell upstairs and tell the kids to brush their teeth and put their shoes on. Church starts in 30 minutes and you live 35 minutes away. Everyone is ready, you jump in the car and head to the highway and start going 5 miles over the speed limit just to get there in time for the end of praise and worship. Looks like someone has their priorities in the wrong order.

Christian weight loss by coach JC will help you set your priorities straight. What is important to you, why do you get out of bed in the morning, What is the meaning of your life? Life is about more than just going to work from 9 to 5 and rushing home to watch some TV with the kids. This book puts you through a whirlwind of different ideas and different strategies to make your life more meaningful. To stop and smell the roses if you will. To thank God for every area of your life.

Your life is special to someone. You may not know it, like most people don’t. Nowadays everyone is behind a screen on their mobile phone or a screen in the living room, or a screen at their deck job. We have lost the connection with the people that are around us. Christian weight loss is here to open your eyes to what is around you. Coach JC has found a way to aid you in making a difference in your neighbor’s life. We are all people, but we all have a purpose on this earth.

Confidence is not something that is easily found nowadays. Everybody has self-esteem problems and self image problems. Online, and on Facebook, everybody is a strong-willed outspoken individual. But when you stop someone in public and ask them how their day is going, you get the same line from every person:” fine how are you doing”. That is because we don’t want to admit that our life sucks. We don’t want to let other people into our circle of problems. We don’t want to burden them with what is going on in our life. Christain Weight Loss is here to change that answer for you.

Solitary confinement is what best describes people in America today. We are all walking around like robots with our headphones on. Most likely because everyone is hiding behind 50 pounds of what they think is not supposed to be there. Too many burgers and too many tacos. Listen, society has made it easier to gain weight than to lose it. You are not the only person falling into the trap of corporate America and their fast food restaurants. Is hard to navigate this life but coach JC is here to help. Christian weight loss helps break this mold and vice on your mind. This book will break the chains that are holding you down and keeping you from your hidden potential. Your best life is just ahead of you between the lines.


Wirkout With JC; Christian Weight Loss

This content was written for Coach JC

Christian weight loss is the best way to incorporate God into your workout. Sometimes when you are working out by yourself it is hard to get motivated and into the workout. What coach JC has done is create a book that incorporates God and the Christian mindset into every part of training. What you find in this book is a reason and motivation to train your body. he talks about how to win in your training and win in your life in all aspects.

the Bible talks about how your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. You don’t want to see the Holy Spirit Crampt or trapped in a dirty under maintain Motel 6. You want him living in a Renaissance Hotel or mansion that you would find in Beverly Hills with the finest amenities. This book Christian weight loss will help guide you through the process of setting up your body to be the best Temple for the Holy Spirit. The guidelines laid out in his book will give the foundation for how to train your body and your life in such a way that the Holy Spirit feels comfortable living in your temple.

Whether you are the individual that has hundreds of pounds to lose or those pesky 5 pounds, Christian weight loss is the key to your success. It is time to unlock your hidden potential. Think about this for a second. What is your reason for living. Is it too go to work, get a paycheck so you can pay for a Netflix account and potato chips. Is there any meaning in this hypothetical life? You want a life that makes a difference for generations to come dont you? Not only are you going to learn how to lose that weight, but you are also going to learn how to make a difference in your life, and the lives around you.

Many people go through 3 to 4 fad diets per year. Whatever is new and fresh and hip. Whatever you find on the front of peoples magazine “Lose 5 pounds in five minutes”. We all know these are gimmicks, fake, just there to get people to pick up a magazine and read what’s going on in the world. What you will find between the covers of weight loss is a sustainable plan to get your life back on track. Proven strategies to drop the pounds and keep them off. You will also learn the mindset to live in this new body of yours.

What are you waiting for? Discover what you have hidden inside. Do you want to be a “Netflix and chill couch potato”? Or a “We-flex and dill pickle”? Every gym bag has the tools you need to train : jump rope, shoes, water bottle, towel, pre-workout. It’s time to add this book to your list of specific tools of the trade.
You can find his book online at, or wherever motivational books are sold. Don’t wait till tomorrow to change your future life today.