The Right Man For The Job

The Right Man For The Job ; Christian Motivational Speaker

this content was written for Coach JC

Is your church congregation having problems staying motivated? Does it seem like your crowd is in a slump? Are you tired of hurding your sheep back to the straight and narrow path? Sounds like you need a Christian motivational speaker, and you have come to just the right place! Coach JC who can be found at and can be called at 800 382 1506, is the right man for the job! He has been public speaking for over 10 years, and has motivated thousands of individuals!

What is a Christian motivational speaker you ask? Well let’s look at it this way, take your old Ford truck for example. This thing is roughly 30 years old, and by now is not running as smoothly as it did when it came right off the lot. It probably sputters stalls and jolts around as you driving down the road. You can take it to a shop and have it tuned up, but it still outdated and has old technology . It does not burn that gasoline like any of the newer and faster cars do. Now is the time that you would add an octane booster to your fuel. What the octane booster does is it makes your fuel burn twice as hot as it normally does, burning all of the carbon out of the emissions system.

A Christian motivational speaker is that octane booster that people need to keep going. They need that extra push to burn hotter in their life. To get back on fire for God, to get back on track, to switch their focus to bigger and better and newer things. Now, in the old Ford truck, the octane booster not only gives it a hotter fire, but it burns off all that extra carbon that slows down the vehicle as you’re driving. A motivational speaker causes you to burn hotter to burn off any baggage that might hold you down as you arfe proceeding through your future.

Why not motivate your congregation yourself? Well because in the Bible God sets up five different gifts among the church. A pastor, a preacher, an apostle, a teacher,and an evangelist. Now if you happen to be given the gift of a preacher, this should be a problem for you. But not everybody is gifted with this tallent. For the rest of the leaders, a motivational speaker is what you need. He can step right in, motivate your people, and hand it back over to you, so you can keep on trucking on.

Coach JC’s heart is with the people, and helping them win in their life. He loves God, and will fit into any church atmosphere. Don’t wait until it’s about time to chain the doors and hand over the keys, save your church before it’s too late. Fill up your pews for this Sunday’s service and let coach JC get that fire burning under each chair today! call him at 800 382 1506. A little motivation might be all you need to keep the doors open for years to come.

Jump Start Your Future ; Christian Motivational Speaker

This content was wrtitten for Coach JC

Christians nowadays are not the same as Christians of old. With technology these days making everything easier and easier to access, and automatic, Christians are getting lazy. Just like the voting polls, Christians believe that the other guy will do the job for them, so they don’t have to. The Bible says go into all the world and preach the gospel. What they don’t realize is that the exact meaning of that scripture was lost in translation. If you go to or give him a call at 800 382 1506, he is the christian motivational speaker you need to pick up the baton and run your race.

It used to be that if you were a Christian, you understood that it was your job to spread the gospel to everyone that you came in contact with. It seems as though Christians are just passing the buck to the next guy and hoping to get off Scott free. Just like the elections, they think my vote won’t matter. When really one vote might be the difference between someone going to heaven or someone going to hell. What they need is for someone to kick them in the rear end and tell them that their life matters and can make a difference in someone else’s eternal future.

The Bible says to go into all the world. But like I said before, the true meaning got lost when the scholars translated from language to language. The original script said “YOU, go into all the world and preach the gospel”. The main difference here, being that it goes from a suggestion, to a command. God has told every Christian that it is their job, every Christian, to preach the gospel to every living creature. Not everyone knows this information, and that is why a Christian motivational speaker is the perfect person to jumpstart your future.

Just like a dead battery in a car, a motivational speaker is that little kick to get someone running again. We’ve all had those times where you go out to your car, put the key in, and all you hear is “crank crank crank”. Your battery is too low to start your car. What do you do? you asked a friend to give you a jumpstart. Just like the car, Christians can get run down, burned out, and get bored with life. They get accustomed to the mundane, every day, routine. There battery, so to speak, is running low, and it just not quite enough juice to get the job done. A Christian motivational speaker is that friend to hook up the terminals and start to you back up.

Whether you are the pastor of a church, or a group of friends, seeking to get that extra push, there is a motivational speaker for you. Coach JC loves to help people and churches reach their full potential. He is the epitome of motivation. He is like a freight train with a goal in mind, and nothing can stop him. He is yelling all aboard, and he is calling for you! Call him back at 800 382 1506. What are you waiting for? Your future awaits!