Answering the Call

Answering the Call: Christian Motivational Speaker

This Content Was Written for Coach JC

Coach JC is an award-winning fitness coach and Christian motivational speaker focuses on providing you with faith-based principles to be successful in your fitness, your health and in your personal endeavors. He has a great testimony about how God was able to pull him out of the ashes of his life and how God showed him that he desired for him to be successful in everything he put his hand to. God has called us to be more than conquerors through Christ Jesus and focuses on making sure that we fulfill the plans that he has given us. When you step out into your destiny and you start taking control of your life this is something that honors God because it’s bringing him glory. You are his creation and his creation was not meant to be hiding in the shadows. Visit online today to learn more about Coach JC.

Coach JC wants you to be a conqueror. He wants you start moving towards a better tomorrow and he wants to focus on making sure that you’re applying faith-based principles to everything you do in your life. God is in everything. He infiltrates everything and it’s impossible to separate God for many of your life goals. In fact as a Christian motivational speaker, Coach JC will tell you that God needs to be in every endeavor you ever set out to accomplish. Why? Because God is in everything. Favor, grace and resources FROM God. God is the one who sets everything up and God is the one that is going to be able to move you from where you are to where you need to be personally, financially and spiritually.

Coach JC is at the opportunity to be one of the top Christian motivational speaker selections for top churches across the country. He is constantly looking for different ways to approach people and share with them his testimony of how God completely radically changed his life. He has written several books which include the real secret to Christian success which includes how biblical principles connection be applied to your everyday life. People tend to separate out business and personal lives from God. But the truth is you cannot have a truly successful life or a true relationship without God being in the middle of everything that you do. Coach JC was to show you how to make God a part of your life.

God is more than just Sunday. He’s more than just a man up in the clouds. In fact he is not a man at all. He is an entity that has a red-hot passion for seeing you be happy and seeing you walk up the dreams he has put inside of you. God is there to help you in every situation and has the answer to every question. But God is also focused on making sure that you are serious about changing your life before he moves. He was to see how many people will step outside their comfort zone or how many people walk on the water towards him before he decides to save you. Why? Because God was to see if you mean business.

Coach JC is excited about coming to your church. He brings the energy in the personality is going to ignite your congregation to take action towards their destiny. As a church leader is your job to equip your flock with the tools and the necessary biblical action steps to be able to live life as a true follower of Christ. It’s more than just showing up on Sunday. It’s more than just moving towards what feels good. But it’s about truly expecting God to move in your life and truly working towards a destiny that may be too big for you to even comprehend. It doesn’t matter how you feel and it doesn’t matter where you came from. God has called you to do great things.

Motivation For Your Church: Christian Motivational Speaker

This content was written for Coach JC

Coach JC is one of the top choices for those looking for when the number one Christian motivational speaker personalities to come visit their church. He is spoken across the nation a different ministries, nonprofits and churches who are looking to bring energy and engagement to their church service. He’s the founder multiple companies, and award-winning entrepreneur and the author multiple books. His number one goal is to be able to provide you with the insight and practical application is also combined with biblical principles to start living a life the goddess called you to live. Because of his own success in his likeness be able to pass on all the knowledge is gained through his own endeavors. But he gives all the praise and glory to God. Visit online learn more about Coach JC.

As a Christian motivational speaker Coach JC brings the personality, the enthusiasm but also the faith-based principles that back up everything he says about success. He believes that everyone is born with a purpose and that God specifically designed everyone to fulfill the plans inside them. But that takes faith, dedication and the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone in order to reach the places where God has called you. Most people do not want to go any further than attending church on Sunday. The issue is that you’re missing out on all of the good things that God has planned for you and you ultimately miss out you you were meant to be as a Christian.

Coach JC has been a guest Christian motivational speaker on several platforms for churches across the country and different types of Christian podcast. His number one goal is to show people that they have the capacity and the ability to claim victory in their life. You must be able to help you take biblical principles and show you that you can apply them to every aspect of your life including physically, mentally and emotionally. God called us to live well-rounded lives. He called us to be well-rounded individuals. He called us to be victorious, conquerors and giant slayers. Coach JC was to show you everything that you can accomplish that only by yourself but by surrounding you would people working to push you to the next level in your faith, your family and your fitness.

In his books he talks about the secret to success. But what is success? There are many people out there in the church world who believe that God desires for us to be poor and to always be lacking. But according to Coach JC we serve a God of abundance,  a God got of life and God wants to shower you and all the good things of the world. Coach JC walks you through what it means to truly be successful as a Christian and what it means to truly walk towards those achievements that are important. God would not have put the dreams on the inside of you if you did not have the confidence in you to be able to fill them. He is giving you all the tools you need to be able to carry out the plans he has.

For more permission how Coach JC can become your next guest speaker at your church or your Christian organization visit online. Coach JC is passionate about helping other people to fill the call on their life. He was to show you the secrets to his own success and show you how they line up with biblical principles that are right there in the Bible. God is not called you to be afraid. God has called you to do great great things for his purpose, for his glory and for everything is called you to be. It’s time to start living out your life as a conquering Christian and start influencing culture the way that Jesus intended. Contact us today by visiting online to reach out to one of our booking agents for Coach JC.