Who Is Your Senei

Who Is Your Senei ; Christian Life Coach

This content was written for coach JC

So you decided to join your first dojo. You want to learn the art of “life kung fu”. You walk in the doors only to be greeted by your new sensei. He will help you unlock the mysteries of this thing we call life. Coach JC at coachJC.com and 800 382 1506, is a master sensei of life kung fu. He knows the tricks and the moves to battle any opponent or obstacles in your future. He wants to train you to be his young grasshopper.

Sensei’s can sometimes be viewed as tough and rough. But when you dig deep you will find that all they want is the best in life for you. They can be hard on you because they are putting you through challenges that teach you how to win. You think that you have just mastered the kick, only for them to come out and throw you to the ground with a single blow of their pinky. You might think that they are mean by doing this, but all they really are doing is showing you that you still have flaws that need to be fixed. They only want the best for you. A Christian life coach can be tough at times, they will tell you things you might not want to hear, but they are the truth and you need to know them.

Sensei JC has mastered the game. He has achieved his quadruple black belt in life kung fu. He is ready to break the boards of mediocrity with his fist of knowledge, and his roundhouse kick of wisdom. Any opponent that has ever been in the ring with him has been taken out within the first round. He is a force to be reckoned with. He is a Christian life coach disguised as a bodybuilding kung fu sensei. He teaches you what has to be done to reach your goals and to overcome obstacles that might weigh you down.

The world is at your fingertips, but it is also at the fingertips of billions of other people as well. What will make the difference between you and them is how much you know, and who is in your corner. Who will win? You, or the rest of the world? A Christian life coach will tell you when to roundhouse kick them in the jaw, and when to punch them in the gut. They have already figured it out and are willing to give you all the secrets. How bad do you want to win?
To win, you must take that time to meditate, and control your mind, and sharpen your skills. A life coach will teach you how to combat diversities and rise the top. They will teach you how to meditate in the word of God to strengthen you every day, and sharpen your sword as iron sharpens iron. Any winning team needs a life coach. Are you on a winning team? The answer depends on who is coaching your game. Call 800 382 1506 to meet you new coach!

Is Your Life A Mess? ; christian life coach

This content was written for coach JC

Would you say you’re living your life to the fullest? Most people would answer the question “no”, but would not do anything about it. Some people just like to live life coasting, and flying by the seat of their pants. But not you, you have found yourself looking for a better way. You would not be reading this if you didn’t care. At coachJC.com your christian life coach awaits. Give him a call at 800 382 1506, if you want to make your life epic.

It is easy to be the norm. To go to school, get your degree, get a 9 to 5 job, marry a pretty lady, have a couple kids, and by a decent house. Like most people, this is the American dream. For the select few, this is mediocrity. They want more from life then the normal everyday occurrence. “How could a Christian life coach benefit you”, you might ask? They have the mental fortitude, and have pig headed determination to guide you to what’s ahead. Adults, just like children need a coach to teach them how to play the game of life. It is a lot easier to win if someone who knows the rules is there to guide you.

Remember back when you were six years old and you were learning how to ride your bicycle? Your mom and dad would hold your hand as you rode down the street. They taught you how to pedal your feet and turn the handle bar to get you to your destination safely. Or when you joined your first T-ball team. Your coach taught you the rules, and showed you how to play the game. A Christian life coach is there to hold your hand as teach you how this life works. He will show you what to do and what not to do, to effectively win.

Like a best friend, coach JC will be there on call for you, helping you make the right decisions. You don’t have to go through this life alone. Thousands of people have already figured it out and are waiting to share their knowledge with you. JC is one of those individuals who loves to help people win in life. Not everything in life is handed to you. Sometimes you have to knock down doors, and take what you want. This can be intimidating to some. They need that push and that motivation to step out-side of their comfort zone. Are you one of the few who is willing to take that step of faith and trust another person with your life? Many are chosen but a few will take that leap.

Confidence, like anything else is something that takes time to develop. A life coach like coach JC, is the perfect person to help show you how. The Bible says you have not because you ask not. Many Christians would like to have stuff, but they are not willing to ask the right questions. a Life coach is a well of knowledge and they are just waiting for someone to ask the right question. call them at 800 382 1506