Tulsa’s Christian Life Coach

Tulsa’s Christian Life Coach

This article was written for Coach JC.

Coach JC has been able to accomplish success at an early age and life by following a strict set of principles he determined early on. By following his own principles he has created one of Tulsa’s most effective Christian life coaching programs. Not only is coach JC and effective Christian life coach but he is also the founder of two extremely successful training concepts, is an accomplished author and speaker. His methods were first created and tested in his own life as he fought to overcome hitting rock bottom at an early age. During that time coach JC was able to align his life with the principles of Christ and get back to the athletic training regiment that he’d discovered early in life. To see how coach JC can best help you seek the results in life you are looking for contact him at 800-382-1506.

Coach JC has spent 12 years training thousands of people to transform their fitness and life to achieve the life God has for them. His programs are based on the principles found in the bible and is not just about losing weight or working out. The programs are designed to help individuals win at life and achieve more for the kingdom of God. Now is the time to get plugged into what Coach JC has to offer. He has developed an eight week program that is simple and very effective. He also coaches the mind to be in line with the life God wants you to life. His plan also comes with an eight week eating plan. The bible speaks about treating your body as a temple of God. In order to fully do so you have to put good food into it for fuel.

He will also dedicate time to helping you discover the Winning Mindset System to reprogram your thinking to not only lose weight but transform your mind. His system is designed to totally re-engineer your life for success from the inside and out. They are made to be taken on as an individual and as team. Information to the packages offered can be found at his website, secretstowieghtlossforchristians.com. He has also authored a few books that will help motivate and inspire you and your church. Coach JC is an accomplished Christian life coach that has been afforded the opportunity to speak publicly to thousands of people seeking something different in life. He offers the same passion public speaking as he offers through these programs. One major benefit to having the books, DVD’s, and workbooks is that you can fit the program into your busy life schedule.

Not only is Coach JC an authentic Christian life coach but he is also the founder of Bootcamp Tulsa. This is a boot camp program designed to empower women. There are no other bootcamp style workout programs in the Tulsa Metro are that offer such a unique service. Coach’s own mother was a huge inspiration to his own life. He understands the importance of the role woman play in the world. they deserve to be empowered, independent and beautiful. Found in all of the Coach JC’s endeavors are Christian principles. Bootcamp Tulsa is no exception. His bootcamp has several locations throughout the Tulsa Metro area and is an outside program. The program is backed by sever testimonies of the community, goals achieved and lives changed.

If you find yourself wanting to maximize the success in your own life, it is essential to get into contact with Coach JC. He works with the nations top fitness experts and Christian leaders to continue to hone in own skills and deliver them in the most effective way. He works endlessly to provide programs that are comfortable, challenging and life changing. It is so much more than just working out and eating more healthy. Its about undertaking a new mental attitude to accomplish goals. WINNING at life is the key to success and is done day by day. Living the life God made for you is a journey that never ends. Pairing physical and mental fitness with a strong spiritual foundation is a formula for endless dreams becoming a reality. By calling 800-382-1506 you can get on the fast track to a new you.

Faith Is Winning

This content was written for Coach JC.

when the at life is not only an outcome of success but the very necessity it takes to achieve success in your life. Coach JC is a Christian life coach that is dedicated to help you start winning right now. Through a series of events in his own life he has gone through the journey of rediscovery that has led him to the path he is on right now. It is the desire of his very core being to help other people win life. Coach JC is not only an amazing Christian life coach but also the operator and founder of a handful of very successful boot camp programs in the Tulsa Metro area and an author of well received books. He has dedicated his life to helping others achieve what he has in his own life. What is it that he has achieved? Personal success. This looks different for every person and Coach JC can help you aline your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Get in to contact with Coach JC by calling 800-382-1506.

Coach JC is originally from the New Jersey area. He spent his adolescent years being raised by a strong and independent single mother. His mother worked multiple jobs to provide a living for Coach and his sibling. His mother spent years teaching Coach how to live a meaningful and productive life. Around the age of 23 he decided to abandon all that he had known and found himself making choices that lead to one bad choice after another. After battling a series of depressive spouts he was debating on whether it was worth it to carry on life. At this time he was in Oklahoma and found much needed help and love from friends back in New Jersey.

The help came to him in the form of an opportunity to attend Victory Bible School. Coach JC was so desperate for life change that he turned his life over to the creator of the heavens and the earth. At the time you have a 600 ft.² apartment that he began to cover in biblical principles that would soon form the game plan to renew his mind and life and re-create a story that would be successful. It was during these times that Coach form the core values that rest in his style of Christian life coaching. His deep-rooted faith is accompanied by one more thing that truly helps mold life change.

Coach JC spent his years growing up involved in athletics. It was in the gym training that he was able to focus his energy, frustrations and get the stress of the day off of his shoulders. Renewing his spirit and mind he realized he needed to get back to the basics. This is when he got back to the gym and began free training his body, mind and spirit all in the same direction. He made the decision to stop choosing to go by how he felt and start choosing to act accordingly to how he wanted to feel. He desired to fill like a winner and a winner is what he became. A winner is what he is able to teach you to become as well.

Coach JC travels the country speaking to thousands at sports events, universities and churches. He is dedicated to help other people experience the life change and transformation that he experienced himself and a great time of need. His methods are not only tried-and-true for himself but for many of the others that have been willing to dedicate themselves the commitment it takes to experience life change. He is real, states the truth and is very a front with those he works with. He does this in order to get straight to the point of life change. Coach JC was waiting to see how he can best service your needs. Don’t hesitate to give them a call at 800-382-1506 to see where you can start.